New Kingroot APK Download Free All Latest Version For Android

Hallo friends! In this page we are going to talk about Kingroot app. So today we are going to provide download links for New Kingroot APK Download Free All Latest Version For Android. So check it out.


Name : Kingroot

Version – 5.2.0

Size – 10.2MB

Download For Android

New Kingroot APK Download Free All Latest Version For Android

King Root Specifications & Features

Rooting your android smartphone is always fun task. We unlock many useful features from our smartphones. And there are many methods available for this. One of the most simple method is using Kingtoot app.

For rooting your smartphone with this app, you have to follow some steps. Which are given below –

1. Download app from above link.

2. Install it.

3. Open and run it.

4. Follow screen instructions and click on Root Now.

5. Wait till it root your mobile.

Kingroot Specifications & Features

Here are some of important features of this app –

One Click Root

It allows you to quickly root any android device running from Android 2.2 to Android 6.1. This is very simple and even a newbie can do it. No technically knowledge is required to root it.

Purify App

Once your device is rooted with Kingroot, you will find the Purify App in the App Drawer of your device. Purify App allows you to perform various tasks that includes removing the Pre-installed system apps, Block Auto Start Apps, Clear Cache Data and Save Battery.

Requires Internet Connection

Kingroot App requires you to have active internet connection. This is very important. If you don’t allow net connection, then Kingroot will not able to perform it’s oration correctly. As, it searches the available root strategy for your device to get it rooted.

This was all about Kingroot app and how to download it. We hope you have successfully installed this app and rooted your android smartphone. Still if you are facing any problem them you can post comment here. We will try to help you.